What is the holo?

Developed for use in pregnancy to enable women to lie on their tummies, the holo is an inflatable airbed with a hole in the middle, Before now, it had always been assumed that once your belly gets too big, front lying was just one of those things that you can’t do, and just had to be accepted as part of pregnancy. Well, now this is not the case and more and more professionals are realising that lying on your tummy is not just an essential part of getting your baby into optimal position for birth, but quite often a way of relieving aches and pains in the pelvis and allowing total relaxation. In the build up to birth, this is often hard to achieve. The holo has revolutionised tummy lying in pregnancy. Midwives, osteopaths, yoga teachers, physiotherapists, obstetricians, all who have seen the holo approve of its use and are amazed nothing like this has been developed before. 10 years on it is now considered by many a pregnancy essential!

Uses – one size fits all

The holo can be used at any stage of pregnancy from the moment it becomes impossible to lie on your tummy, right up until the birth. Always ensure that your hips sit on the raised rim to avoid your back arching through the hole. This raised rim has been added specifically with back support in mind; without it the holo just wouldn’t work.

on land – either use with both head and body sections inflated or deflate the head section and use a pillow instead for even more comfort

on water – always use with both sections inflated.


If you are finding it hard to sleep and just want to lie on your tummy again to get some well needed rest, then the holo will let you do this. The professionals I have asked have said there is no medical reason you should not lie face down while pregnant, only the obvious physical constraints that stop you. Lots of women use pillows and cushions to enable tummy sleeping so really this is a modified simpler version of that. If in any doubt about sleeping for long periods of time on the holo, please ask your doctor or midwife before doing so and if you are in any pain at all, please stop immediately.


If you just want to watch telly, have a quick cat nap or read a book lying on your tummy like you used to do, then the holo is the answer. Deflate the head section and you can use a pillow instead to make it even more enjoyable.


Don’t stop your physio session or have it lying on your side just because you’re pregnant. Take a holo with you and lie on your tummy for your usual treatment. Or physiotherapists, why not have a holo in your practice for all your pregnant ladies?


If you are in need of some treatment due to pregnancy or previous complaints, take a holo and lie on your tummy for the best position for treatment. Or osteopaths why not have a holo in your practice for all your pregnant ladies?


Treat yourself to a lovely pregnancy massage and actually be able to lie on your tummy for it!

Pelvic Pain relief

Lie on your tummy for short periods throughout the day and the holo has been reported to help ease pains related to SPD and PGP.

Holiday Essential

You definitely need a holo for holiday. An absolute pregnancy essential! Sunbathe on the beach or float around in the pool or sea, totally relaxed. Without one, is it really a holiday?

Yoga and Pilates

For total relaxation at the end of a yoga/pilates class, or to enable tummy positions that were deemed impossible before, why not take your holo, and make your fellow class mates jealous! Or yoga teachers, why not invest in some holos as a special treat for your pregnant yogis?

Size and weight

The dimensions are 170x65x18cm (max 22cm at hole), hole diameter is approx 30cm. The holo in its box is approx 31x24x5cm and 1.3kg.