holo for your Babymoon

Babymoon From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 'Babymoon has several meanings. The original meaning is a period of time that parents spend bonding with a recently-born baby. More recently the term has [...]

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holo approved by ACPWH

JACPWH-Spring_prod-rev Am so excited to be able to share this review of a trial of the holo that was carried out last year by the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists for [...]

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holo on holiday

Please look at the picture below and decide, is Harriet: A) not pregnant? B)  4 months pregnant? C) 8 and a half months pregnant? The answer is 8 and a [...]

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The importance of sleep and rest during pregnancy

Most parenting and pregnancy books emphasize the fact how important sleep, rest and relaxation are during pregnancy. During the third trimester, in particular, the extra weight can make sleeping difficult [...]

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holo in the final!

Amazing news just in! The holo has made it through to the Mumpreneur UK finalists. From 720 entries the panel have wittled us down to just a handful in each [...]

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holo loved by Jenni Falconer

This Morning presenter Jenni Falconer has sent a lovely tweet after I sent her a holo to try. Her baby is due in September so the holo should help her [...]

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holo at Humbug

Ilkley childrens clothes shop Humbug has taken on the holo to try and entice all the pregnant Mum's, in Ilkley and the surrounding area who visit the shop, to 'try [...]

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holo going to America!

Watch out America, the holo is on its way!  For more information, please contact my new distributor over in Florida:  Pam Mason  Southern Export Management Services Inc  12260 SW 53rd [...]

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