Are you a vivid dreamer?

Some women that usually would not even remember their dreams, say that the dreams suddenly changed when they got pregnant. They might have become more vibrant, active or even frightening.

A common dream during the third trimester of my last pregnancy was one where right after giving birth to the baby, the baby would be able to talk and walk. I still remember waking up from the dreams thinking: “I want the baby still be a baby!” Was this an unconscious fear of the baby growing up too quickly? I do not know. But as soon as I calmed myself down, and reminded myself, not to take the dreams too literally, I felt better.

No matter how strange your dreams may feel, it is better not to take them too seriously. Pregnancy dreams may just be the body’s way to deal with all the changes that are happening. Often they may express underlying fears or anxieties pregnant women have.

Pregnancy is time for changes. Most changes in our bodies happen gradually and over time, such as gaining or shaking off some kilos or getting wrinkles… This is not the case in pregnancy. Huge changes occur in relatively short period of time – the body shape changes, there are great emotional and hormonal changes, and so on.

We worry too much. We worry about the body shape, if we look like the celebrity with a tiny football bump. We worry about if we will be the parent according to all the text books we have read. We worry about the baby. We worry about ourselves.

Sleep, at it’s best, is broken during pregnancy. Worrying and anxiety about weird dreams can make your sleep quality suffer even more. It seems to be that one of the best advice around for pregnant women is to “relax and take it easy”. There may be times that you find it better to talk to a friend or a health professional about your pregnancy dreams in order to be able to deal with them.

In any case, remember, dreams are dreams, and they will have no affect to the health of your baby.

By looking after yourself you look after your unborn baby. Have a nap, have a rest, have a float in the pool on the Holo, enjoy this amazing time only a pregnant woman can know!


Guest post written by:
Hela Donela, @thriftymothers,