Frequently asked questions

Hopefully this page will answer any holo questions you many have. We will update as more questions come in.

The holo costs £39.99 which includes second class delivery within the UK. There are options to pay more for speedier delivery within the UK. The cost of delivery to the rest of the world is worked out from your location and added on to your total price. Delivery is via FedEx International Economy to Europe and International Priority to the ROW.

The dimensions are 185x65x15cm (max 20cm at hole), hole diameter is approx 30cm. The holo in its box is approx 31x24x5cm and 1.4kg

Yes we can ship to anywhere in the world!

Please contact Emma on for further details.

The holo can be used for anything you would like to do lying on your tummy! Relaxation, massage, sunbathing, floating on the sea, cat-naps, reading a book, watching tv. Some ladies have bought one for use after surgery for Brazilian Bum lifts! Now there’s a use we didn’t think of when inventing it! Let us know what you use yours for!

Please do get in touch if you are finding that the holo just isn’t working and we can give you some advice of how you may improve your experience. If the holo really doesn’t work for you, then of course you can return it. Unfortunately you would have to pay the return costs and we would not refund your original delivery costs so please make sure you think you want one before buying as sometimes returning it is just not financially worth it. Apologies for this.

Some of you have told me that you sleep all night on your holo.  Professionals  we have spoken to have said that there is no reason you should not lie on your tummy whilst pregnant, just the obvious constraints of a big tummy that would normally stop you. So as long as you’re comfortable you can certainly rest this way for short periods of time. For longer periods of time we suggest you check first with your midwife or doctor. If you are in any way uncomfortable, stop using immediately.

Pelvic Girdle Pain and Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction PGP/SPD can be very painful conditions in pregnancy. We have had lots of feedback saying that the holo has helped many women with these pains as the holo allows total relaxation in the hips and pelvis taking all the baby weight off these areas. Obviously we cannot guarantee that the holo will be a miracle cure, but it seems it may really help some people.

The holo is made of phthalate free PVC so is safe for use in pregnancy.

Firstly, always make sure you are lying as far down the holo as possible so your hips are being supported by the raised rim at the lower end of the hole. Your tummy may touch the floor, either in the earlier stages of pregnancy as you don’t fill the hole enough to stop you falling through or at the latter stages where your tummy is just so beautifully large it just can’t help it. Either way, as long as you don’t feel too squished, it is not a problem. If you are uncomfortable you can always lift the middle section of the holo by placing cushions under it either side of the hole. If it is the problem that you are too small to fill the hole then try placing cusions or towels within the hole instead.

The holo – the lilo with a hole, was invented by Emma Benson, the owner of holo lilo Ltd. and first launched in 2009.  It has a UK patent and a european design registration. ‘holo’ is a registered community trademark. If you find any other products with a different name, be sure they are copies and not the original.