Treat someone you love to a more comfortable pregnancy. The holo has so many uses:
-catching up on sleep
-pregnancy massage
-relaxation at the end of a yoga class
-floating about in a pool
-sunbathing on the beach
-helping get baby into optimal position for birth
-easing SPD and pelvic pains

What is the holo?

The holo is an inflatable airbed with a hole in the middle, developed for use in pregnancy to enable women to lie on their tummies. Before now, it has always been assumed that once your belly gets too big, front lying is just one of those things that you can’t do, and just had to be accepted as part of pregnancy. Well, now this is not the case and more and more professionals are realising that lying on your tummy is not just an essential part of getting your baby into optimal position for birth, but quite often a way of relieving aches and pains in the pelvis and allowing total relaxation, which in the build up to birth is often hard to achieve. The holo has revolutionised tummy lying in pregnancy. Midwives, osteopaths, yoga teachers, physiotherapists, obstetricians, all who have seen the holo approve of its use and are amazed nothing like this has been developed before.

The dimensions are 180x65x17cm (max 22cm at hole), hole diameter is approx 30cm. The holo in its box is approx 31x24x5cm and 1.4kg

The holo is made of phthalate free PVC so is safe for use in pregnancy.