Please look at the picture below and decide, is Harriet:

A) not pregnant?

B)  4 months pregnant?

C) 8 and a half months pregnant?

The answer is 8 and a half months pregnant, and who would know? How comfortable does she look. Luckily for my friend she lives in Portugal where it is sunny all year and so was able to use the holo up until full term in her swimming pool. For those of us that need to fly to get some sun, unfortunately most airlines will only let you fly up to 24 weeks, so about 6 months. But once you are there, you will definitely need your holo to really enjoy your last holiday for a while without a baby then toddler then child to run around after! You can also use the holo on the sand or side of your pool and can even put your bottom in the hole for a very relaxed, reclined seating position to sunbathe on your back (lying flat is just out of the question with a big heavy bump).

All in all, a holo is just a must for your pregnant holidays and thank you Harriet for showing so perfectly how true this is!

Emma x