perfect pregnancy bed


relax, read a book, watch telly

The holo has many uses but with the tag line ‘lilo with a hole’ and lots of lovely images of the holo on water, you may think that it is just a holiday item and if you’re not going away then maybe its not worth buying.

BUT that is just not true. Look at the list of alternative uses:

1.) for catnaps to catch up on sleep as the perfect pregnancy bed

2.) at the end of yoga class for the ultimate in pregnancy relaxation

3.) to enable you to have the perfect pregnancy massage actually lying on your tummy

4.) for your physiotherapist to be able to reach your lower back to ease pregnancy pains

5.) to take the weight off your hips and pelvis to ease SPD pains.

6.) for lying prone (instead of kneeling on all fours!) to get your baby into optimal position for birth

7.) to just lie and watch telly or relax and read your favourite book comfortably on your tummy.

So go on, treat yourself, this time doesn’t last forever, but why not make it as comfortable as possible and as Gillian Shippey, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Yoga-with-Gillian/177537918934128, a yoga teacher from the UK says:

‘As a pregnancy yoga teacher, I have found the holo lilo has helped women to relax deeply which I believe can profoundly impact a woman’s experience of pregnancy, birth and motherhood.  At a time when women often find it difficult to find a really comfortable position, the holo lilo can help not just the mother find the ‘right position’, but the baby also to find the optimal birthing position.  I highly recommend this to all mummies!