Lianne Williams

Etsy Review

4th pregnancy, 39 weeks and I’ve been REALLY struggling with back, shoulder, hip and pelvic pain since about 10 weeks. I’ve been seeing an osteopath but had to cancel that because of the pandemic… I’ve been hardly sleeping… I’m in constant pain… but this lilo is just amazing. I’ve not felt this comfortable in months. I only regret not getting it sooner!

Laura Warwick

Etsy Review

This lilo is simply brilliant. I was so happy to go on holiday and comfortably lay on my front. I can’t fault the quality at all, the material it’s made from is so tough. I loved that I could leave the upper part deflated too, it meant I could read whilst laying on my front on a sun lounger. I will continue to use it at home as a massage table. Couldn’t be happier!

Emma Willis

TV Presenter, The Voice UK, Celebrity Big Brother, The Brits 2017…

emmawillisofficial: Absolutely THE best purchase I’ve ever made as a holidaying pregnant woman..!! Giving my hips a rest was total bliss. Good work @hololiloofficial this is genius… #tummytime Willis

Sandra Lerch

Director, NaturaMedic, Switzerland

It is very comfortable and I think the best thing is, that you only need one mattress… where as the “professional” pregnancy pillow is much more complex. Also, I like that it is softer and therefore has no pressure points (especially in the breast zone where pregnant women often suffer from pain).

Jenni Falconer

Presenter, ITV’s This Morning and Heart Radio

@hololilo ah! You’re on twitter! Thank you so much! It’s brilliant & I love it! Will be especially handy for sunbathing when it gets hot! X

Peter Mulvey Msc Mmacp Mcsp

Physiotherapist, Prophysiotherapy, London

Finding a comfortable position to treat pregnant women in can be difficult. The holo solves that problem easily. We can more effectively assess back pain and pelvic pain when they are on their fronts. We love it and recommend other clinics give it a try.

Gillian Shippey

Pregnancy Yoga Teacher

As a pregnancy yoga teacher, I have found the holo lilo has helped women to relax deeply which I believe can profoundly impact a woman’s experience of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. At a time when women often find it difficult to find a really comfortable position, the holo lilo can help not just the mother find the ‘right position’, but the baby also to find the optimal birthing position. I highly recommend this to all mummies!

Laura Passmore

The Holo was amazing for our holiday, it was so nice to be able to sunbath on my front and float in the water with it. Still using it at home too. Could not recommend this product enough Passmore

Jo Boutle

Literally can’t get enough of my Holo. It’s been in garden for sunbathing, in the pool, to the beach. It’s been a life saver and will continue to be for the next 9 weeks. So happy these exist! Boutle

Heather Tomoyasu

#Twinpregnancy tested and approved! Loving my @hololilo at #39weekspregnant! #babybump #twinbump #hololilo #holo Tomoyasu

Lottie Smith

Massive thumbs up on your holo lilo! Loved using it all holiday, and I think everyone else wanted to go on it too! Couldn’t recommend one enough! X www.facebook/Lottie Smith

Clare Axtell

This is the most amazing thing ever! I’ve suffered with shocking SPD but lying on this at home for a few minutes every day has almost cured it. 2 weeks ago I could hardly move I was in so much pain especially towards the end of the day. Now, I’m no longer struggling. Obviously every person is different but it has really worked for me. Looking forward to trying it on holiday.

Rachel Mitchell

This Holo Lilo is the best present to myself I could have ever bought. A treat for my third pregnancy and our recent holiday (at 29-31 weeks) and it transformed the trip! Can’t praise it enough for being able to lie on my front in absolute comfort: on the beach, in the water and even when otherwise getting uncomfortable sleeping at night. LOVE IT! Treat yourself ladies! Mitchell

Gonzalo Vargas

Hi Emma. We got the holo today and its just awesone, my wife lay down 3 hrs ago and she refuses to leave the comfort of the holo. AWESOME product, great service, very fast delivery. We are so happy! Thanks and regards.

Rhonwen Hyslop

The holo saved my life. I had not sleep properly in months and was in a lot of pain from my pelvis. I normally sleep on my front or side and obviously couldn’t. Since having gotten the holo I am sleeping better and am able to walk with a lot less pain. It really has made the last couple of months bearable.

Katie Waters

I had SPD with my third and then my 4th but stumbled across you holo. It was like a godsend! How I managed with my third I have no idea!!

Jennifer Kelly

had so many compliments on my Lilo – my husband wasn’t too happy having to lug it through the hotel to the pool every day though! So comfy and as I suffer with SPD it really supported my back when I was lying down. Love it! X

Laura Noonan

Thanks so much for my lilo it’s been a godsend this holiday!! Not just to lie on my front but to lie on my back too as I have a bad lower back xx

Nicola Henry

I used it on holiday to relax on the sunlounger, in the pool and on the hard apartment bed! At home I used it myself in pregnancy to sleep in bed, to help encourage my baby to turn to the optimal fetal position and to receive relaxation massages. I also use it at work (Holistic Therapy) with pregnant clients., The holo is a girls best friend, particularly in the last stages of pregnancy.

Kirsty Mccabe

Weather Presenter, ITV Daybreak

The holo was good for getting back massages from my partner in the last few weeks. I have now passed it on to a pregnant friend who loves to sleep on her front and she is very grateful for it. Thank you and hope all is well with you.

Suzie Boyle

I want to thank you for the holo during pregnancy. For me it really helped with SPD and Pelvic girdle pain. Unfortunately it wasn’t for a lovely holiday in the sun, more for physical comfort! My 3rd pregnancy left me like a cripple, walking caused immense pelvic pain, lying on my side even with pillows between my legs was agony. This left me with laying propped up on my back until I used the holo and i could lie on my front! I found that lying in bed at night was far more comfortable. I would put a fitted sheet on the holo so I didn’t get hot and stuck to it! I used it during the day on my front room floor too. Pelvic pain felt like I was on fire, lying on my front relieved much of the pressure, laying on my back still was causing such pain too. I was using a wheelchair at 34weeks pregnant because it had all got to much and I couldn’t walk. The holo really did help and I would recommend to anyone with SPD/PGP. At 39+2 weeks I had a beautiful baby boy who is just such a sweet little baby.